Our mission

Survival of life on Earth

We are considerate Earth citizens that care about a sustainable future with safety and innovation at the forefront. Our relationships, knowledge sharing, and service is provided to a select group of companies that align with our goals. For this reason, we do not work on military or arms applications.

Vision for the future

We see a bright future ahead with clean energy with a scalable power generation strategy. Our goal is combustion-free transportation, space travel, and elemental sorting at the atom precise level. Working with our partners today allows us to fund our joy in developing avant-garde technology for the future.

Physics lights the way

We provide information rooted in research and evidence supported by our pursuit of enlightenment.


We seek first to understand. Only after we grasp the fundamental problem do we begin to tailor our solutions.


We keep the entire product lifecycle in mind when developing products to minimize waste generation on our planet.


We constantly iterate our methods of research to extend beyond the limits of what is considered possible.


We believe each of our team members contributes to success but together the sum is greater than us individually.


We take on the industry's toughest technical challenges that others shy away from.


We give thanks to all those that stand beside us in the electric revolution and provide us with a sense of purpose.

Committed to taking on the industry's toughest challenges


We focus on global prosperity, clean air, and safe drinking water for all living beings.


Consulting allows us to contribute to critical decision-making that impacts future resources.


Our global initiatives are developing updated approaches to recycling and material science.


We hold board member seats with organizations that invest in sustainable technology development.