Luke Workman

Chief Scientist

About Luke

Luke has failed hard and fast in his career. His passion for physics, racing, and mindful design considerations have paved the way with lessons learned to his success. He is a mentor and leads R+D at Electric Goddess.


Chief Battery Scientist - Redivivus Inc. (Present)

Luke’s previous experience working on cell recycling at cell manufacturers in Asia has made him a veteran in an emerging industry. He utilizes his niche skill set and industry knowledge to develop innovative technology for Redivivus.

Independent Consultant

Upon leaving Zero Motorcycles after many lessons and leading innovation in the industry, Luke began freelance consulting to various groups and projects that included Airbus, Joby Aviation, Alphabet, and more. When he met Erika after working together at Romeo Power, he found his technical abilities were best accepted when joined Electric Goddess.

Senior Engineer and Battery Specialist - Zero Motorcycles

Luke created battery designs that significantly increased capacity and life of the vehicle while reducing manufacturing time and cost. Iterations of this design is used today as a benchmark in electrical vehicle concepts including aircrafts. Luke also co-developed the cooling design of industry leading high efficiency brushless traction motors. Once a successful production modern battery pack design was achieved, he traveled the world as a freelancer for the advancement of the energy storage industry.

Critical Environment Engineer - Microsoft

As a critical power and cooling system engineer, Luke innovated design in server cooling for data centers allowing higher critical power density. The design of proprietary solutions that decrease power usage effectiveness resulted in meaningful cost savings and pollution reduction around the globe. Microsoft and the data center industry literally had to re-write the book on efficiency.


  • Battery design
  • Propulsion system architecture
  • Corrosion solutions
  • Material compatibility, development, and selection
  • Electro-migration mitigation
  • Vibration and resonance protection
  • Failure analysis, forensics, and preventative resolutions
  • Unlimited love