Battery failure investigation

We provide causation findings and solutions to product failures both in the lab and in the field. Unknown cause events often cause production to stop ship, recalls, and we are honored to provide clear answers and risk analysis in these tough times. 


System failure analysis

Fire investigators are rarely trained subject matter experts in battery pack failures. This often results in the battery being blamed, even if it were only involved by not causality. We approach forensic analysis with the expertise needed to prove your product's innocence, or explain root causality. Our presence helps identify and protect against common battery forensics mistakes or overlooked details during analysis.  


Corrosion mitigation

Many batteries in the wild will face condensing humidity cycles, corrosive road salt droplet spray, dilute acid gas exposure, and more. Standards like IP67 or IP69 lead to false positives of environmental integrity. We have developed proprietary testing solutions to produce accelerated and repeatable quantification of environmental risks to performance and safety.


Additional offerings