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Our innovations have shaped the way many successful companies across the globe perform testing, select components, and design production batteries to reduce and eliminate potential for unplanned service in real world applications.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work on a variety of projects with our clients including stationary storage systems, e-bikes, electric locomotives, low earth orbit satellites, and more.

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“Most engineers look at a problem from their specialty. Luke will look at the problem holistically and find solutions that nobody else has considered. That's the only way to crack a problem that nobody else has solved.”

Ben Zeiger, PhD
NASA Engineer and Astrophysics Professor

“My friends provide gentle pressure to exceed at challenges by encouraging my own interest to learn. I can describe no better environment to work in.”

Micah Bayless
Aerospace and Electrical Engineer

“Luke is the most inspiring soldier I have met in the electric revolution. He has devoted his life to sustainable energy and is taking action to fix known problems instead of just pretending of just pretending they don't exist.”

Erik Hicks
CEO and Founder of Lunacycles

“Erika has the rare talent of allowing an engineering team to be creative while keeping the program on track. Her organizational and people skills in such a challenging space as the battery industry make her a pleasure to work with.”

Erik Fleming
Supply Chain Executive, previously at Apple, Tesla, and SpaceX

“Luke is a source of pure energy and passion. The harder the problem seems, the more passionate he will become to tackle it, and motivate others to take part in finding the solution.”

Ryan Biffard
Director of Powertrain R+D at Zero Motorcycles

“Erika is thoughtful in her approach to solving problems and finds joy in everything she does. She's got a great sense of humor too! I know any project she takes on is in good hands.”

Carly Hendricks
Material Scientist and Additive Manufacturing Pioneer

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We complimentarily offer an introduction to our knowledge in an effort to create less waste and encourage best practices.

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