Test planning

We offer test plan creation, audits, and guidance. We have a library of proven effective internal tests and custom test fixtures to encompass every type of electrical test, thermal behavior, environmental ruggedness, and cell or pack safe and unsafe operating conditions. 


Component validation

We validate each power component's operating parameters under ideal bench-testing conditions to find the safe temperature current-carrying ampacity, as well as the excessive current-induced failure bounds. After a component level understanding, the bare components are assembled into the application representative power bus, and ampacity and component operating temperatures and excessive current-induced failures are compared with the individual component test data to characterize reliable safe operating margins.


Cell safety

Our calorimeter is the largest and most capable ARC used for battery thermal runaway energy release, temperature, and pressure is quantified. This enables iterative cell development for safety improvements, or battery pack level safety system energy mitigation design effectiveness. 


Additional offerings