Equipment and common services

  • Cylindrical cell radial thermal conductivity
  • Cylindrical cell longitudinal thermal conductivity
  • Pouch and prismatic thermal conductivity
  • Specific heat capacity
  • HV dielectric decay and electrostatic ionic migration
  • Highly accelerated corrosion testing
  • >500MW thermal runaway accelerated rate calorimeter
  • Passive propagation testing chamber
  • Thermal test chambers
  • Residual gas analysis
  • Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
  • 5600A continuous current power supply
  • Argon gas glove box
  • Keyence VHX-7000 optical microscopy
  • Third electrode cell testing
  • Adhesive mechanical strength, elongation fixtures
  • Surface energy testing
  • Plasma cleaning and plasma surface activation
  • Potentiostatic and galvanostatic EIS up to 240A
  • Cell cycling at up to +-2,000A continuous
  • Fuse carrying ampacity and trip curve profiling
  • Ultra-high vacuum electrical performance testing
  • 0-200 amu mass spectrometer molecule weight testing
  • Material flame resistance testing
  • Thermal runaway initiation by laser-embedded fiber optic
  • Gas sampling and analysis of thermal runaway byproducts
  • Cryogenic electrolyte concentration phase change NDT
  • Forced cell temperature gradient cycling
  • Embedded temperature sensors in pouch/cylindrical cells
  • More services and R+D equipment to be announced soon

Service examples


Battery failure investigation

We provide findings and solutions to product failures, both in the lab and in the field. Unknown events often cause production to stop ship or recall and we pride ourselves in providing clear answers in these tough times.


System failure analysis

Fire investigators are rarely trained subject matter experts in battery pack failures. This often results in the battery being blamed, even if it were only involved by not causality. We approach forensic analysis with the expertise needed to prove your product's innocence, or explain root causality. Our presence helps identify and protect against common battery forensics mistakes or overlooked details during analysis.


Corrosion mitigation

Many batteries in the wild will face condensing humidity cycles, corrosive road salt droplet spray, dilute acid gas exposure, and more. Standards like IP67 or IP69 lead to false positives of environmental integrity. We have developed proprietary testing solutions to produce accelerated and repeatable quantification of environmental risks to performance and safety.



Test planning

We offer test plan creation, audits, and guidance. We have a library of proven effective internal tests and custom test fixtures to encompass every type of electrical test, thermal behavior, environmental ruggedness, and cell or pack safe and unsafe operating conditions. 


Component validation

We validate component operating parameters under ideal conditions to find real-world bounds for failure. After individual testing components are assembled into representative test conditions to compare operational performance with individual test data.


Cell safety

Our calorimeter is the largest and most capable ARC used in thermal runaway quantification. This enables rapid cell development to improve safety and energy release mitigation.


Material science

Research and development

We perform verification of specifications to confirm solutions for battery components and materials. Our R+D continuously feeds materials and processes into the industry to improve readily available products.


Polymeric material application

Adhesives and encapsulation potting materials require specific preparation methods and unique preparation experience. Through adhesive joint testing we’ve created optimum processes for bonded joint challenges.


Material compatibility

We provide testing and guidance of long-term material behavior properties, including dielectric breakdown and ionic migration degradation.  



Design reviews and guidance

We offer system and design reviews to improve product lifetime, reliability, and mitigate design issues before they become a problem.


Component selection

Our team is experienced in power component reliability and performance. When selecting a part EG can create design specifications and will assist in sourcing, manufacturing, and quality control.


Secure cell supply

We provide technical design guidance and testing to pass the feasibility and risk assessment gates presented by cell providers before negotiating commercial contracts. 


Specialized equipment

Cell interconnect methodology

Our years of experience testing cell interconnects have resulted in a matrix of proprietary information that we use to inform our decisions for a specific project. Safe and reliable interconnects that eliminate cell damage are mission critical for all battery systems.


Equipment specifications and vendor support

We provide guidance on tool specifications, techniques, and skills needed to achieve success for your project. Our team has tested equipment and tooling for battery, motor, and related validation manufacturing.


Battery production line repeatability, quality, process safety audits

Our team has been instrumental in establishing successful battery manufacturing lines globally for our clients.  Our team serves as an asset for new lines or during existing established lines looking to streamline and reduce manufacturing fall-out.


Cell services

Cell characterization

We specialize in cell development, utilizing the latest in testing methodology to achieve our goals. We have extensive experience with forced temperature gradient cycling, thermal analysis, destructive, and non-destructive testing.


Vacuum or reduced atmosphere specialty testing

Our custom vacuum test chambers provide aircraft and space applications with electrical, thermal, and safety validation under application representative atmospheric conditions. 


Design services

Our team leverages thermal runaway data along with thermally-clamping materials to enable the lowest number of iterative development steps to meet our client’s safety and performance objectives.